Before the Ending of the day 12


They think it’s all over; well it is now.
Easter Evening approaches– the transitory mess of chocolate eggs wrappings, bunny cards and Easter flowers grace the day’s close. The church’s Easter garden is already wilting.
Easter has come and gone.
In John’s gospel the dying words of Jesus are: it is finished. It may appear strange to be considering them on Easter Day but they point to the significance of his resurrection.
I wonder how many people die, content. For them life has come to a perfect conclusion with all ends tied up. They have lived a neatly packaged life which can be boxed up and put away.
I have had that impression from some funeral services I have attended and certainly the favoured alternative – a celebration of the departed’s life. But I wonder. Continue reading


Before the ending of the day 7

Jesus said to the criminal dying beside him: Truly I tell you today you will be with me in paradise.
This is another in a series for Before the ending of the day where I am considering each of the last words of Jesus as he died on the cross. I wonder what meaning they may have for our own contemplation of death and dying.
Jesus died, crucified between two criminals. They argued over Jesus and his forgiveness of his executioners. One thought Jesus could get them out of there, the other saw an innocent man who shouldn’t have been on the cross in the first place. (Luke 23:32-43)
Jesus promised this man that they would be both be in Paradise that very day.
I wonder whether Jesus was being ironic; after all we are told in John’s gospel that there was a garden nearby and the meaning of Paradise is a beautiful garden. “You see that peaceful place over there? We’ll soon be there.

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