A parable of faith in community

Bangladesh.  Dhaka.  Down town, early Sunday evening.  A derelict factory in the middle of a five lane roundabout.  It is the building where I am going to preach. I start making my way through the chaotic traffic. Continue reading


A parable of a girl who lost her trust



A parable is a story which points beyond itself. It is a story that holds a truth which it can only reveal to the curious. It may be fiction or fact. This parable is true; apart from the names of the participants.

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A parable for the last day of summer


A parable is story +. It is more than the sum of its parts. It holds truth within it and this truth must be sought out. The following parable began life years ago during a weekend in Bournemouth. It began as a reflection on parenthood and has morphed into a meditation on God.

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