Before the Ending of the Day Lent 3

Sudan Little Girl Image

Why should I try to be nurturing my relationship with God when there are six and half million people on the edge of death-by-famine?

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A parable of a girl who lost her trust



A parable is a story which points beyond itself. It is a story that holds a truth which it can only reveal to the curious. It may be fiction or fact. This parable is true; apart from the names of the participants.

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A parable for the last day of summer


A parable is story +. It is more than the sum of its parts. It holds truth within it and this truth must be sought out. The following parable began life years ago during a weekend in Bournemouth. It began as a reflection on parenthood and has morphed into a meditation on God.

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Don’t let the Fall get you down

imagesI enjoy autumn. It’s the colours of course, but also the cooling in the air and the change in the light.

There’s a hillside of trees near our home and showers of leaves cascade across the fields where squirrels dash in and out of the undergrowth and above lines of birds head south. Wonderful.

The Fall is starting.

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Altars in the World

Untitled2What people’s religious faith took indoors, their spiritual intuition discovered outdoors.

High above ancient city of Petra, the Nabataea people carved the windswept rock into a place to honour their gods. It was simply a High Place. An altar in the wind of the winds of the heavens.

Temples, cathedrals, churches and shrines have their altars too. But for all their drama and eye-catching splendour do they imprison the spirit as much as they may release it.

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