Before the Ending of the Day Lent 6


God with us Rowan Williams


Over the past weeks I have been reading God with us by Rowan Williams.

Here he is speaking about the Resurrection of Jesus and our death:

When we face death God says to us: I’m on the far side of it.

He continues

A relationship with God is therefore not exhausted by the set of horizons we’re used to in the here and now. Such a relationship is what is meant by eternal life – not just life after death and not just some sort of survival of death. Christians really ought to be far more critical than they often are of the idea that we survive death. We don’t. We die and God brings us to life, as he restores our relationship with him.

That, I believe is the biblical proclamation; it’s not that some little bit of us somehow hangs on rather half-heartedly for some indefinite period, but that God remakes us. And that is one of the things that enables us to face, honestly, our fear of death and annihilation.

For me, his words refresh my faith. It isn’t that I now believe a new set of proposals or dogma; rather it is a way of life. Notice how Williams makes God the active one. It is God raised up Jesus. It is God who brings us to life and restores our relationship. It is God who remaking us.

What is expected of us is to give him the freedom to get on with it.

And what will hazard this process? What always has done.

– our stubborn refusal to cooperate and keep at a distance.

– our pride-filled resistance that denies we are designed for relationship and have to go it alone.


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