Before the Ending of the Day 4

At the beginning of his book Our Greatest Gift Henri Nouwen asks six stunning questions.


Is death something so terrible and absurd that we are better off not thinking or talking about it?

Is death such an undesirable part of our existence that we are better off acting as if it were not real?

Is death such an absolute end of all our thoughts and actions that we simply cannot face it?


Is it possible to befriend our dying and our death gradually and live towards it with open eyes and open arms, trusting that there is nothing to fear?

Is it possible to prepare for our death with the same attentiveness as our parents prepared themselves for our birth?

Can we wait for our death as for a friend who wants to welcome us home?

Try thinking through these questions for this next week in Lent; it’s a good time of the year to consider our own mortality.






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