Before the Ending of the Day 4

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Before the Ending of the Day Lent 3

Sudan Little Girl Image

Why should I try to be nurturing my relationship with God when there are six and half million people on the edge of death-by-famine?

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Before the Ending of the Day Lent 2017



Henri Nouwen used to say that there two voices competing for his attention inside him. One encouraged him to succeed and achieve, while the other called him simply to rest in the comfort that he was the Beloved of God  and it was only in the last decade of his life did he truly listen to that voice. Continue reading

Before the Ending of the Day

These are a series of short reflections and prayers to be used preferably during the Sunday evenings of Lent 2017. This week I attended the Ash Wednesday service at the village’s parish church. It was a moving and powerful start to Lent for me. It prepared me for the journey of repentance Christians are invited to take as Easter Day approaches.

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