Before the ending of Trinity Sunday


God of many names,never fully known;

Mystery of mysteries, Calling us your own.

John Bell

The writer highlights the paradox of the Trinity. Many attempts have been made to explain the incomprehensibility of God and yet our experience tells us that we have sense of his intimate relationship with us that goes beyond words.

And that’s Trinity Sunday for you. It’s a day to keep Christians humble….and


What we need to remember is that God is an experience before being an idea. We often turn that around. Few people are argued into faith.

When we say we experience God that is indeed an experience of the Trinity but we will discover that we will run out of language to describe that experience.

I imagine if you asked a group of Christians which doctrine they do not understand and probably are glad not to have talk about too much it would be the Trinity. Indeed for a while Trinity Sunday was deemed optional in some forms of the Church Calendar.

Yet whether it is baptism or the pattern of a service all is done ‘in the name (notice the singular) of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit’. Every Sunday is Trinity Sunday.

For the Christian God has three portals of entry. We are drawn to one or the other and then within our experience the Father might say, as it were;”well you’ve met me may I introduce to my Son” or Jesus may say:” I am glad you are my follower do you know there is a baptism of the Holy Spirit”?

The Trinity is a way of reminding us that talking about God is simply far more complex than we might wish.

Such talk is best done on our knees in prayer.


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