At the ending of the day 15

I am slowly getting used to not asking what actually happened on that first Easter Day.
It is a question which has burdened me from the early days of my theological formation and the incessant demands of secular thinking that will only believe in what can be backed by so-called scientific proof.
So I am gradually getting used to asking more productively; whatever did happen, what is the meaning of Christ’s resurrection?
Here is a brief and tantalising answer.
“RESURRECTION is the finger of God
on my scars
and a deep breath
to start again”.
I do not know the origin of this quotation. It is full of biblical background especially John 21.
Jesus shows his scars to his disciples and breathes on them the Spirit of God.
The Finger of God calls to mind the image of the creation of Adam by Michelangelo as the finger of the divine being reaches to animate his creation.
Yet it is more than a poetic interpretation of the experience of Christ. It is a description of an on-going experience for any of us.
Life scars us; be it – emotional, physical or spiritual. Those scars can often remain difficult to touch. They become places of extra-sensitivity. Only a deeply understanding compassion can touch them.
At the end of the day we may feel the burden of our scars. They need the soothing caress of an evening breeze like that which heralded the approach of the Lord in Eden’s garden.


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