Conversation: Barabbas

Untitled6Mark 15:6-15


Well that’s a turn up for the book.


A walk in the hills of Judea not a stagger to a cross.

But why me?

I know my people – full of talk and protest

but when it comes to it, do they do anything?

Of course not.

It takes the likes of me to actually do something.


You can’t just talk about the Romans behind closed doors.

Mumble, mumble.

Groan, groan.

Complain, complain.

That gets you nowhere.

‘They took my water’!

‘They slaughtered my lamb’.

‘They beat up Abner’s son’.

‘Herod should stand up to them’.

‘Caiaphas should pray more’.


Herod stand up to the Romans? – he’s in their pay!

Caiaphas pray for God to do something? –

He doesn’t want God to anything.

He just wants the precious temple to be finished then he can

prance around in his robes.


No, nothing changes unless there’s armed conflict.

Those who live by the sword – win by the sword.

That’s what I believe.

They are violent.

We need to be more violent.

Roman sword against terrorist knife.

The swift knife.

The dead of night knife!

My knife!

And I’m free –to knife again…..?



You think Jesus makes it different.


It’s the terrorist code – you are ready to die for your friends.

He was no friend of mine;

But he died instead of me.

That made me his friend.

God knows why – anyway his story is over

And mine is starting all over again.


Because of a carpenter from Nazareth – I’m free



Lord Jesus Christ – substituted for a terrorist – pour out your compassion on

  • all who aim to save their people by bomb and knife
  • all who impose their political aims through force of arms
  • all who are too brutalised to believe anyone can love them

Forgive the people who bear your name when they exclude those whom you include in your love and by your compassion transform us all.


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