Conversation: Pontius Pilate

Eccehomo1John 18:28-39

I find it mildly interesting that

although people still question whether Jesus

existed or not –

my existence is never questioned!

This also puzzles me since he and I have been linked

like brothers in the womb

since just a few decades after our deaths.

As your creed declares:

He was crucified under Pontius Pilate,

He suffered death and was buried –

As for the rest of your beliefs?

They are beyond me and lot of other people I believe.

But let it not be denied.

He died.

I saw to that.

We looked each other in the eye.

And at that moment I realised that Jerusalem

was not big enough for the both of us.

But he was in chains.

And I was not.

He had a quaint village-elder sort of authority

But I had the power of life and death in that land.

He could raise the temperature of the mob.

I knew how to pour cold water on their futile ambitions.

He troubled their priests who talked of blasphemy.

They were a fine lot to talk that way who bowed to the power

of Rome just for the goods know what.

If there was any blasphemy – it was theirs!

But he and they were all the same to me.

Idiots who challenged the power of Rome without the aid of the sword.

What sort of kingdom is not made by the sword?

What sort of peace can be made without the control of weapons?

What sort of government can exist without the law of the victor in control?

Who was he to speak of a kingdom, a peace, a justice that could do without any of these?

What sort of reality was he in touch with that thought a good speech, a few enthusiasts and a couple specious healings could change the world?

If he was so right; why haven’t his followers laid down the sword as their way of making peace?

Lord Jesus Christ, questioned by an expert in peace through power

pour out your grace on all

  • who serve you in places of conflict and violence
  • who suffer because of violence they have not started
  • who stand trial at the risk of their reputation, freedom or life
  • who have been convicted without trial
  • who have washed their hands of the truth they cannot face

Help the people who bear your name use their power in a Christ-like way

and by this grace transform us all

 Photo: Pontius Pilatus - Vikipedi

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