The road to Gaza leads beyond wariness

In a recent post on his Living Wittily blog James Gordon gives a heartfelt response to current events in Gaza. He speaks of feeling both weary and wary. I fear that is an all too common response which I know well.

But wariness cannot be the end of the journey. So I have tried to do more than wring my hands over the current state of affairs in Gaza and throughout Israel/Palestine.

  1. I always take the opportunity to support and speak of Christian Palestinians I know and Israeli organisations that are challenging the policies of their government. Betselem, a human rights organisation is one, Bethlehem Bible College and Sabeel Ecumenical Liberation Centre are others.
  2. I always offer intercession for both Israelis and Palestinians when leading worship (see here and here).
  3. I have a chosen a particular area of need to support; in my case Jeel al Amal, a school for Palestinian children in Bethany, Jerusalem.4570773792_413x275

It might not amount to much but it helps me touch the edge of one of the world’s great tragedies.


Image: The Children of Jeel al-Amal (

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